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Adam Green 2

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As Adam Green record coverI mentioned before Adam Green's CD keeps growing on me. I basically bought it because earlier this year The Moldy Peaches started growing on me - enough to think they insanely great and move my lazy butt to go and see them in Hamburg, which I didn't regret at all (they even had a great support by Joie, Dead Blonde Girlfriend).

While Adam Green's CD is en par with The Moldy Peaches as far as subtle wittyness, and low-qualitly recording are concerned, he is better natured, meaning that there are less swear-words and the music is more laid-back. You might even get away with playing this CD to your grandma without her having a hear-attack in the process. At first I though this was a drawback, as with The Moldy Peaches I keep asking myself how songs with such rude lyrics can be that nice, but getting used to it, the less in-your-face approach of the solo CD has its own merits, with songs being even more sublte and sometimes sweet.

So, I like it. It's not quite as good as The Moldy Peaches but should definitely be at least four out of five, in some rating system.

Oh, the old men waved their canes,
They had yesterday's brains
And their world stopped turning on Sundays.

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November 4, 2002, 23:26

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