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One Hour Photo

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Leif, Robin WilliamsClaus and me saw One Hour Photo in the cinema tonight. Just from the specs you wouldn't expect much here - a Hollywood film, i.e. some combination of special effects, a high body count and kitsch and Robin Williams who - at least in my memory - is known for kids films and cheap comedy stuff. But it was none of the above.

Robin Williams is 'Sy', working at the photo counter of a huge supermarket for over a decade. He is obsessed with photos, taking a good look at all of those he develops. He's particularly attached to one family and keeps copies of all their photos, sort-of stalking them in that way. Then two bad things happen: He gets fired and - looking at some other customers photos - realises that the husband is cheating on his wife...

But Little Boythe film seems much more than the story alone. It's very carefully filmed and edited. It seems all about colour. You've got the supermarket with its bland colours and work uniforms - no dark colours just occasional bright colourful spots there. On the other hand there's the perfect life of that family. Warm colours all over. The colours are strong as well. The photography of the people and their home looks like they've just jumped out of a copy of Wallpaper.

That difference in colours stresses the difference of their lives - and today's society (uh, this sounds like pretentious crap!) as well. There are the Haves and the Have-Nots, the Eloi and the Morlocks it all still works today. But no matter whether it's the real world, the Time Machine, Fight Club our your One Hour Photo counter - always keep in mind that it's the Morlocks who care for your children, do your work and develop your snapshots.

And Birthday Boywhile modern corporate culture may try to surpress it, it remains a fact that the Morlocks are human as well and they tend to hate or grow attached to the people they work for. It turns out, either way, you're gutted.

Other random thoughts:

We are all afraid of so many things.
We're afraid of loneliness and sickness and of dying.
Of being poor or unhappy or being ugly.
But most of all, we are afraid of being forgotten.

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January 30, 2003, 2:52

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Comment by Alexey: User icon

I’m a huge Robin Williams fan, and think this film is one of his best. I know this girl Linda from Netherland, she has the best fan site dedicated to him: www.Robin-Williams.net

August 9, 2004, 21:54

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