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Let me introduce a new category to my blog: earthlingsoft. Of course it deals with earthlingsoft, i.e. Steffen and my little adventures in Mac Software that brought you all-time favourites such as GeburtstagsChecker, UnicodeChecker, Ballerburg or Rechnungs Checker.

Basically the idea is that whenever on of our applications is updated, I'll put a little note here, with details on what has changed since the last release. As I tend to spill the beans here anyway that shouldn't generate too much clutter.

In fact, for the benefit of people only interested in said software, I'll also provide an RSS feed for that category – as well as all the others. Subscribing to that feed means that you'll know about updates fairly soon without having to use the applications built-in check for new versions or read websites. Posts should be rare as we don't have updates all that frequently.

To me this looks like a good use of RSS. I'd be far more inclined to subscribe to a feed than to a newsletter. It requires less commitment and ensures privacy as it doesn't require an e-mail address or running our programs.

Ahem. That's the idea behind this. Now let's see whether it'll actually work. Incidentally there is an update to announce today.

April 9, 2003, 20:07

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