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Der schönste Tag in meinem Leben?

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Oh, not today, really. But Erik's recent Question of the Day was: If you could describe what would make the best day of your life, how would you?. I don't have an answer for that – I guess that would be limiting my best day only to things I could come up with. Surely there has to be something better. And surprises aren't bad either.

On the other hand this question lends itself to be answered in terms of music. In particular, I was – possibly by the mood of Erik's answer – reminded of Tocotronic's Der schönste Tag in meinem Leben:

Der schönste Tag in meinem Leben war ein Donnerstag
Auf der Straße auf dem Parkplatz vor dem Supermarkt
An allen mir verhaßten Orten an denen nie etwas passiert
In der komischen Passage durch die niemand mehr flaniert

Überall wo ich nie bin in dieser doch recht schönen Stadt
Überall wo ich nie bin und niemand mich gesehen hat
Schaute ich mich um und ich war allein
Und völlig ohne Grund war ich glücklich es zu sein

Und ich wühlte mit der Hand
In meinen Taschen und ich fand
Einen Zettel auf dem stand

Das ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben
Schönste Tag in meinem Leben

Tocotronic, Der schönste Tag in meinem Leben

Tocotronic's lyrics just rule(d) – The other day, at Yassin's barbecue, we mused once more whether you could do all the conversation you need in Tocotronic lyrics. It seems likely.

Never short of hard questions, Erik has a musical followup: If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, which CD would it be?. Don't know either.

(European) Cover of The Strokes' Is this It CD Spontaneously my answer would have been The Strokes' Is this it. I listened to it numerous times and it never disappointed or was boring. The CD works for me in many moods. It's good for getting up, getting work done or going out. And my friends like it, too. But stepping back for a second, reminded me that I haven't even owned that CD for two years.

Can I make a choice for eternity my lifetime based on that? Tough one. Reminded me of the Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms CD which I considered indispensable a few years back but listened to about half a time in the past year. I change.

And then there are all those other great CDs... No Led Zeppelin? No White Stripes? No Pixies? None of Glenn Gould's recordings of the Goldberg Variations? No Beethoven piano concertos? No way.

May 10, 2003, 18:03

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