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More lyrics from the Friends of Mine album. I thought Jessica shouldn't be one of my favourite songs, particularly after I learned that Jessica Simpson is some kind of American pop starlet – instead of an old school mate, say. Nonetheless I've been humming the song all day, so I guess it's better if I put it up here now.

Jessica Simpson
where has your love gone
it's not in your music, no.

You need a vacation
to wake up the cavemen
and take them to Mexico.

Jessica, Jessica Simpson
you've got it all wrong
your fraudulent smile
the way that you faked it
the day that you die.

My body's in shambles
encrusted with brambles
that sharpen the air I breathe.

What's on the menu?
Jessica can you
take down my order please?

Jessica, Jessica Simpson
you've got it all wrong
your fraudulent smile
the way that you faked it
the day that you die.

Tomorrow gets closer
a purple bulldozer
is calling you on the phone.

Your love live precedes you
your son-in-law feeds you
injections of cortisone.

Jessica, Jessica Simpson
you've got it all wrong
your fraudulent smile
the way that you faked it
the day that you die.

Jessica Simpson
where has your love gone?
It's not in your music
So where has it gone then?


Adam Green, Jessica

Random bits: In the song 'Mexico' is mentioned as is a restaurant / waitress scene – in Musical Ladders Adam sings of a Mexican waitress. While none of Adam Green's music can be bought at the iTunes music store, there is a rich choice of Jessica Simpson songs. Sadly.

July 24, 2003, 17:51

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January 14, 2004, 10:28


Comment by d.w.: User icon

Yep, Jessica Simpson’s pretty dire, teen-pop-by-numbers stuff. She’s kind of a cut-rate Britney Spears.

July 25, 2003, 22:27

Comment by Matt: User icon

I also thought Jessica was a girlfriend he had long ago. Can it be just a coincidence ?

November 4, 2003, 13:47

Comment by ssp: User icon

‘Ex-girlfriend’ was my first thought as well, when I heard the song. (Not that I know anything about Adam’s life). But Dave’s comment and the music references make a strong point for the pop singer.

Have you seen the video?

November 4, 2003, 14:30

Comment by Florian: User icon

Hach ich liebe den Song, habs über google gefunden…

Ich schreibe einfach mal auf deutsch, weil ich hier nicht der einzige TAZ leser zu sein scheine (likage… die tageszeitung)


November 18, 2003, 17:12

Comment by ssp: User icon

Deutsch ist schon OK… Komisch, daß das hier bei Google so gut zu finden ist.

Schon das Video zum Lied gesehen - mit dem absurden Tischtennisgespiele?

November 19, 2003, 0:02

Comment by ben: User icon

Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with an ex-girlfriend is an idiot. Throughout the whole song hes making fun of jessica simpson and how fake she and her music is. Its a great song though.

November 26, 2003, 0:03

Comment by ssp: User icon

Once you know that a pop singer of that name exists, it’s pretty obvious.

But for people outside the U.S. (who apparently have been spared so far) or even those within who don’t follow creepy pop music it is far less obvious as ‘Jessica Simpson’ will just be another name.

November 26, 2003, 16:25

Comment by Mia: User icon

yep i think the same as you thats the best song, ahd she is from the old school, not like britney spears or christina two crazy whores!

continue your way Jess we all love you

August 31, 2005, 14:01

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