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Boerewors My mum had brought original South African boerewors (best sausage in the world, more meat in it than all other sausages I know, plus a secret spice), along with biltong (dried meat) and some pap (maize porridge) back from her holiday.

Tonight I had a little feast with Yassin, Christian and Claus, starting with some biltong, then braaiing the sausage despite the rain (as 'Herr Augustin' likes to say: caveats like 'weather permitting' are not an option) with the barbecue hidden under a little improvised roof. We had one extremely nice and meaty beef sausage and another sheep sausage. Both of them with that particular smell that makes everyone who's been to South Africa indulge in food-memories and every meat-lover drool. Some South African wine and pap with tomato and onion sauce to go along with it and the mango and yoghurt dessert I like to make to finish things off. There are photos.

What a satisfying meal. I don't think I want to eat any more German sausages this barbecue season.

July 25, 2003, 2:44

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