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There seem to be many lyrics sites on the web. Just search for song title lyrics on Google and you'll see many of them. I am not convinced those services are going anywhere for two reasons.

Firstly, while I thought there are 'good' lyrics sites that I'd prefer over others at first, I've come to realise that it's easier to do a Google search every single time than going to a specific site and tracking down a song there. Thus it should be hard for those sites to get a base of regular users and hence quality input. This is reflected in:

Secondly, the lyrics are frequently wrong – either blatantly or in the details – and typo ridden. Furthermore many sites simply seem to copy from one another. If you're unclear about what the lyrics actually are in the hard to understand parts of a song it's likely that the people who wrote up those lyrics didn't understand it either and wrote down anything which was then copied by all the other sites – making the whole thing no help at all.

October 26, 2003, 1:48

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Comment by Amy: User icon

true dat!!! :o)

October 4, 2004, 7:30

Comment by Thomas: User icon

That it’s true. I’m working in something that I consider different. I leave the site link: www.123-lyrics.com. I think in the future the site will be a wiki… or something like that Please, analyze it and give me your feedback if you consider this message it is spam just delete it.

Regards, Thomas

January 8, 2009, 19:16

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