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I like reading German weekly Die Zeit. It usually is one of the best standard sources for staying up-to-date with what's going on in the world and having (semi) in-depth information. One of the thing that paper is completely bad at it pop music. They mostly ignore it, favouring reports about which opera has been staged where – i.e. information that very few people will benefit from. But they don't know much about pop music, so not omitting it may be the best thing to do.

One more hint at their non-grasp of the topic is this week's article about one hit wonders and pop stars, which could have almost been written by record industry FUD specialists. Amusing, how you can be serious about the 'poor record industry' as long as the label earns about than four times as much (€2,99) as the artist (€0,79) on a n €18 CD – as does the distributor (€3,34).

On another stage, everybody seems to have a go at German songwriter Wolf Biermann lately who seems to have attempted to spoil Johnny Cash's legacy. According to todays taz article this may not have been the first time he did this: He had also (poorly) translated Bob Dylan songs – but Bob Dylan got an opportunity to get back at him and re-interpret his German songs in badly translated English. Sometimes there is justice.

November 15, 2003, 19:33

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