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Having pointed out recently that I am easily amused by such simple things as the tracking of parcels, it should be no surprise that I followed the progress my brother's christmas present made. One of the parcels made its way in what looks like a straightforwardly fashion to me from somewhere in Oregon to Sacramento to San Diego.

The other one, however, has done some more exciting travel: It started off in Nevada and was initially scheduled to be delivered on the 24th. To my surprise, however, I have to assume now that the parcel has done some interesting travel since it departed from Nevada. While I am not a person who's able to name, abbreviate and locate each and every state in the U.S., my knowledge of geography still suggests that states abbreviated KY or IN are not on the way from Nevada to San Diego but more than a slight detour out of the way.

Also, the arrival date has been rescheduled to the 30th now. I hope this means that UPS only put the parcel on the wrong truck / plane rather than being grossly inefficient or geographically challenged. And if that is the case, the open question would still be how a company whose only job is getting things to the right place in time can ship a parcel to the wrong place. Particularly when things are scanned every time an item is loaded on unloaded.

December 24, 2003, 12:02

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