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TGIHTCBOHSN writes about how the iPod will die and DRMed content will rule. About half way through the text he talks about instant gratification, downloads and TV series.

And that's where I want to chime in. It's where I see the very importance of media downloads (not worrying about DRM crap for the time being). It's once more the 'instant gratification' factor. Basically my argument'd go like this: Hearing about a TV series from the US and having to wait a year until it comes across the pond and is augmented with dubbing that may be good technically but where the translation misses half of the jokes: OUT. Instant downloads and gratification: IN. – Reading about the hot new record of a cool band – that will be in stores two months from now: OUT. Instant downloads and gratification: IN And so on. You get the idea. Reading reports about third iterations of games that were boring a decade ago without being able to see them for yourself: OUT. Instant downloads and gratification: IN.

Looking at those points may be a hint why that file sharing thing is so popular.

Of course this will require changes not only in terms of how we access media but the whole 'review' industry surrounding them. They'll have to go. Bye bye. Nobody will miss you. Same for the hype and the marketing buzz. Say you've finished mixing an album, and prepared some cover art. How long should it take until it's available on iTMS? Well... let's figure that out: Transferring 600MB on a slow connection takes about 10 hours. Compressing to the format-du-jour may take another 15 minutes and entering the metadata another 20. So let's give them a day to be generous. Now that's quick turnover.

And reviewers can still do their jobs then. The good ones, that is. Most good reviews I've ever read were about material already available at the time. And I could go and check it out myself.

So for music everything is sorted. It's probably a bit harder for things like TV series. Not only bandwidth-wise but also because TV stations trained us to expect that stuff to come for free. So should we predict DRM formats that force us to view ads (oops, with DVD we already have that), which in turn only beg to be circumvented? Perhaps. I don't know. My crystal ball is out for repair.

But the idea is clear: I want everything. Now. And I want to be able to try it. We know that the technology to achieve this exists today or in the near future. It just needs to be used. And it's up to the rights kidnappers to catch a ride on that train. Otherwise we'll file share them to death.

August 6, 2004, 13:00


Comment by drunkenbatman: User icon

That mouseover made my day when I had it pointed out; thanks. If it helps, you could just reference ‘the Drunken One’ or, perhaps more suitably, ‘DrunkenBlog’. ;)

Really, though, the chuckle was appreciated.

August 6, 2004, 17:52

Comment by ssp: User icon

Sometime ago I decided that I prefer people’s proper names to pseudonyms or website names. I also decided to take pleasure in mocking people who don’t provide them.

August 9, 2004, 10:56

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