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This weekend I am taking a little photography course. They are offered from time to time at the university. And the plan is to get some of the theory right today and take some photos which we will then make prints of in the lab tomorrow.

Today we met with the teacher who’s an artist and told us a few things. Most of them, those related to the technical use of a camera and what the numbers on there mean, I already knew as I’ve taken quite a photos before and my dad taught me those things when I was little. What was quite interesting though, was that he showed us some of his own photos, commenting how they were made, with what kind of light and so on. (He also added details about the people he photographed but that’s on the entertaining side of irrelevant). Those photos were definitely inspiring. The only thing that remains for me is that I don’t like being photographed and thus don’t like taking photos of people as I figure they may not like it either. In contrast, every single photo he showed us contained at least one person. So that’s not directly applicable.

I still have to take about a dozen photos now and then bring him the film for developing (which apparently is boring so he does it tonight) so everything is ready to make the prints tomorrow. Then we’ll be making sushi for dinner, which will be fun.

January 15, 2005, 17:19

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