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Adam Green Live

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Adam Green published his third solo album, Gemstones recently and now went on tour. Being suddenly hyped a lot and dragged through all the newspapers, he has become rather popular, and getting a ticket required a little detour via eBay and its faults. Thankfully the seller (whatever you may think about people who buy loads of tickets just to sell them on eBay) was cool enough to find a quick solution for the problem that eBay had sent him my hold address, and my tickets arrived in time.

In fact, I ended up buying two tickets, so I had to sell one of those, which I advertised on the net. Luckily that worked quite well and I met the buyer in the afternoon, saving me the hassle of having to try and find a buyer in front of the venue itself. The gig I visited took place on Saturday in the Postbahnhof – which as the name suggest – used to be a railway station for the postal service. A cool old and large industrial building, which made quite a good venue for the occasion. I arrived there with Jean and Thomas a few minutes late and the gig had in fact already started. Seeing that nothing ever starts on time in music, that was quite surprising. But we only missed one or two songs that way. And perhaps the chance to stand further towards the front.

Which we wouldn’t have wanted to anyway, I suppose as there were lots of ‘little’ kids standing there. Probably as a result of Adam’s sudden popularity. The concert itself was quite nice. Adam not only seems to dress more orderly these days, his gig more orderly as well. Compared to his gig last summer, many of his moves looked less clumsy (and thus perhaps less personal) now and he performed rather well. In particular he managed to play his cover version of What a Waster correctly, which he couldn’t in summer. I also feel compelled to mention once more that he is actually good at singing.

My main criticism of the event – and my friends fully shared that – was that it was short. Just a little bit over an hour, including an encore. It’s not like Adam hasn’t made enough songs to do that – his records sum up to almost two hours, so this was disappointing. Particularly as he has done so many nice songs which we would’ve enjoyed hearing! Plus perhaps a cover of a song or three and some Moldy Peaches stuff…

Oh well, but the gig was just over. Afterwards we went to a club to end the evening in style. Living in a small town where even the large places you can go to are rather small, I found it cool to be in a ‘medium’ sized club there which was larger than anything we still have in Göttingen. On the not-so-cool side, they seemed to have a metal themed night that day which made many of the things we heard at most modestly enjoyable.

February 13, 2005, 23:57

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