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Please Please Please

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Many people run a ‘song of the week’ column on their sites. I always fear that (a) I won’t have songs around regularly enough to be honestly willing to write such column about songs which perhaps aren’t the greatest but happen to be songs that keep me running and smiling that week and (b) sometimes the song in question may just be too embarrassing to be mentioned here… Yet those songs do exist.

A recent favourite has been the rather poppy Please Please Please by Swedish band Shout Out Louds. The strange thing is that I found the song in my iTunes library and I have absolutely no idea where it came from. I definitely didn’t download it anywhere – not knowing the band… –, I can’t remember anybody giving it to me and the file wasn’t generated by iTunes, so I didn’t rip it from some magazine CD. Very odd. But very agreeable to listen to.

Their record isn’t really released in Germany but only in Scandinavia (they do have a single in the U.S. and iTMS, strangely) but this particular song has actually been published here on a compilation with current Swedish rock music going by the rather excessively silly name of åtömström. When I saw it in the record store I was very tempted to buy it because I’ve been planning to make an all Swedish playlist for ages but found it hard to decide which songs to put on there. The only downside is that I really have quite a few of the songs on the record already on some records and buying it would be an – enjoyable – waste of money.

Cover of åtömström compilation record They also publish the record on DVD with some extra tracks. I wonder what kind of DVD that is. An audio DVD? Or a video one? If you’ve been tempted by Swedish rock music before this will be an excellent way to get into it.

And if ‘Swedish’ alone won’t convince you, what about promising the Apple and Nivea fanboys that they’ll find Caesars (Palace)’s Jerk it out on the record? It’s just amazing how using a song in a few commercials will suddenly make it popular even though it’s been released for a while. See The Dandy Warhols’ Bohemian like you of Vodafone fame or Jet’s Are you gonna be my girl of both Vodafone and Apple fame.

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April 1, 2005, 1:33

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