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Gimme Fiction

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Kill the Moonlight Cover Art I stumbled across Spoon’s music a while ago when they were support band for The Libertines in Köln in 2002. I thought their music was fine but not particularly exciting back then and bought a copy of their record Kill the Moonlight just in case and ended up quite liking it. It’s better than their first record Girls can tell which is pretty standard fare and can be boring in places. Kill the Moonlight is much more energetic and cool, starting with the wonderful Small Stakes and having the strangely cool Paper Tiger in the middle.

Gimme Fiction's Cover Art Their music has a couple of nifty and cool sounds in there and isn’t particularly rocky. Somehow I still started liking it and ended up picking up their current album Gimme Fiction recently.

And it’s a rather enjoyable record as well. Quite a few strange sounds in there again and with the title potentially being quite a literal one with each song being more or less a piece of fiction or a good idea for a short film. I find it hard to pinpoint why it’s good or what is particularly great, it just is. And it’s quite relaxing to listen to as well.

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June 14, 2005, 23:47

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