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Musical Baton

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I’m not a huge fan of all those internet batons/pyramid schemes/chain letters/… but concerning the one going around these days about music, I’m actually quite interested. Thankfully it was passed to me by Dave

Total volume of music on my computer
After a bit of cleaning up a month ago, I’m at 30GB now, both on the Powerbook and the iPod. I would quite like to rip all of my CDs but those little hard drives just don’t have enough space for doing that.
Last CD I purchased
Hmm, I can’t reconstruct this precisely. It’s either The Arcade Fire’s Funeral or The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s Armed Love. It’s been a while since I bought these. A more relaxed reading of the question which lets me interpret ‘CD’ to mean ‘album’ and thus also be used for LPs would let me answer Spoon’s Gimme Fiction.
Playing right now
L’Aventure Fantastique by Fantastic Plastic Machine
Five songs that mean a lot to me

I find this quite hard, as – oddly – I don’t keep any five song lists in my head all the time. Thinking about it for a while, it seems that songs which ‘mean’ a lot to me historically aren’t necessarily those which I listen to a lot these days. A possible answer, in chronological order, could be:

And that’s five songs already. With still quite a few ones missing. And none of my favourite classical pieces even being allowed because they don’t qualify as ‘songs’. As a bonus track let me offer Adam Green’s Times are Bad where he sings Grab a big baton and twirl it like a magic wand…

Five People To Whom I’m Passing The Musical Baton

June 6, 2005, 18:50

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Comment by Paul: User icon

The Sultans of Ping are playing live again!


October 7, 2005, 17:44

Comment by ssp: User icon

Cool to hear that, Paul.

October 7, 2005, 18:28

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