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iTunes 6.0.1

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iTunes icon Another little update to iTunes coming along only shortly after the jump to version 6.0. The update only claims to improve stability. As I haven’t had stability problems it’s hard for me to judge that. So far I didn’t bump into any other new aspects of the application.

Songs still aren’t sorted correctly in German, AppleScript support hasn’t been improved to include the new video features, you still can’t generate new folders using the plus button at the bottom left of the window and so on.

While on the topic of comparing different iTunes versions. Can anybody fill me in on how well using the diff command works for this. I told it to do a recursive comparison of the old and the new versions and apart from a few version strings and the binaries it didn’t discover any differences. I hope this means I can conclude that the only differences are in fact in the binaries.

October 21, 2005, 0:12

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