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Powerbook RAM Problem

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Travel Plan from Göttingen to Cambridge Just a few quick notes. After a fun day of uni tomorrow I’ll enter the wonderful world of cheap travel. It’ll occupy me many hours to get to the Airport in Lübeck cheaply, then there’ll be a quick flight over to Stansted and finally a coach trip to Cambridge. The sheer duration of this is a bit silly but it’s about the same price as a trip to Berlin. With the advantage that I get to see Dan’s new place, can be in Cambridge this weekend and can see Patrick Wolf in London on Monday before a Tuesday of killing time in London first and then a similarly convoluted trip back. Doesn’t sound like fun, but certainly will be. Mustn’t forget to charge the iPod!

And now back to this post’s topic: I wrote about the iBook’s problems with keeping an Airport connection when 1,5GB of RAM are installed earlier this week. Steffen just got one of the new Powerbooks which seems to be quite cool, particularly for the screen’s resolution, but he quickly learned that the same RAM vs. Airport problem exists on that machine. Congratulations to Apple’s quality control. If normal users run into this problem within hours, why didn’t they manage to catch it in time? Read my old post on the topic for a temporary remedy. It works for the Powerbooks as well.

On a much more positive note, that new Powerbook does have the Sudden Motion Sensor as all new Apple portables do. And Steffen had to play with it immediately… so if you’re prepared to do some dirty copying of files into your /System folder, enjoy the Quartz Composer Patch providing Sudden Motion Sensor data. [Update: Installing the plugin has become somewhat easier, particularly if you are running Mac OS X.5.] It’s fun.

Screenshot of the Quartz Compose patch in action

October 28, 2005, 0:05

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