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Night Out

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I’ve just come back from a night out on my own as all the people who usually join me are on holidays, have to work tomorrow or just couldn’t be asked. But it was quite fun nonetheless. Well, you can’t really angry with people playing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a change. Sure, everybody should do it… but it’s just not done frequently enough. There was also a nice cover version of Where is My Mind – a quick look through iTMS suggests it’s from a new Nada Surf single.

Another musically interesting thing was when the DJ played first The Notwist’s Pilot, which I considered to be a Postal Service song at first… and then he followed it up by The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, verifying my previous impression that those bands make songs which are reasonably similar. But by that juxtaposition it became also clear how different the bands are. The Notwist sound like muddled small town southern German social scientists while The Postal Service sound like clear and straightforward big-city Americans. Hearing both of them after another made the contrast so strong that I couldn’t help hearing just the negative aspects of the bands’ respective backgrounds and starting to think that they might be overdoing it. Not exactly what I expected as I usually quite enjoy both bands.

Best enjoyed separately! – I guess.

November 20, 2005, 3:52

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Comment by Phil Dokas: User icon

The Nada Surf cover of “Where Is My Mind?” debuted on the Where Is My Mind? (A Tribute To The Pixies) album that came out in 1999 which features Weezer, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and a number of others.

November 20, 2005, 4:32

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