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Carnivore Shirt

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After making my Child Stars shirt worked quite well at a local store, I started thinking about some of the other T-Shirt designs I had hibernating in the back of my mind and for which I didn’t want to go through the hassle of putting them up on the web-store.

One of them has quite a funny story behind it. While I was at Warwick I put on a few pizza parties for my friends. Usually my pizzas are very thin. So I themed one of them to be Thin Pizza. And I made an invitation looking like the side of the box for a very thin pizza with all the silly blurbs that need to be on those. (In fact, we ended up printing a three metre long version of it which we put up outside on the night and which is still decorating my room today.) Being the friendly person that I am, I couldn’t resist putting a ‘suitable for vegetarians’ note on there. But I felt that sort-of discriminated the meat eaters. And not wanting to be whatever the analogous word for sexist / ageist / …ist in the area of food is – I put a ‘suitable for carnivores’ note on the box for good measure. Being eager to use my graphics tablet which was new at the time I drew little pictures to go with it. A pepper for the veggie stuff… and a little pig for the carnivores:

Suitable for... text and images

And everbody liked the little pig. So a plan was made to turn it into a T-Shirt with just the little pig and the word ‘carnivore’. And on my recent trip to the T-Shirt makers I made one of those shirts:

Me, wearing the carnivore shirt... dressed to hunt vegetarians

Originally this was supposed to be for my brother who likes the pig and eats more meat than I do but due to a little cock-up at the T-Shirt place they printed the designs on the wrong shirt, so things ended up being a bit different than expected. Read about the shirt my brother got tomorrow.

January 30, 2006, 12:10

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