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New Neighbours

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I find it hard to find reasonable limits for taking photos. Generally I think I shouldn’t intrude, shouldn’t take photos of other people, people I possibly don’t know. They might not like that – just as I wouldn’t like photos of myself being taken. On the other hand, many of the cool, interesting or good looking things don’t happen in my life but somewhere around me… and then I think I should take a photo anyway and just make reasonably sure that people aren’t the main aspect of it and reasonably hard to recognise.

Such a moment happened this afternoon. It was already mostly dark and we saw that people are moving into a flat in the house across the road. In the cold dark grey of the late afternoon the colours coming from their windows looked quite cool. One of the rooms seems to be painted in a shade of green.

Colourful windows, one green, one warmish

Hope this looks cool on your machine. Screen calibration seems to matter a big deal in these ranges. And photos can end up looking crappy (mostly too dark) on Windows machines.

January 19, 2006, 1:00

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