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Mew Live

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To finish this live music weekend, Dan and me went to see Mew play live. Their music is sort-of cool pop-rock, or whatever it should be called – having ‘spherical’ sounds with their singer singing like a girl mixed with solid – or dare I say ‘heavy’ (?) guitars. Their album Frengers with its cool ‘Not quite Friends and not quite Strangers’ name is more on the softer side of this while their new album And the Glass Handed Kites has a bit more of the harder stuff in it as isn’t quite as good.

Mew on stage with a projected scene behind them.

Consequently the band played mostly stuff from their old CD, which was fine with us. And it was a great and well prepared show. They had quite cool video stuff projected on a screen behind the band throughout with freaky things like cats playing violin or figures with dark blood coming from their eyes… all courtesy of Sony BMG’s big marketing money, as Dan suspected, just as the flood of posters on the theme of ‘Evil Office’ which I am starting to consider for my office door around the room. That said, the video stuff was really cool but left me wondering to which degree it kills thee band’s freedom to do ‘spontaneous’ things which could make them fall out of the pre-defined timeframe. [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

Mew on stage, bathing in red light.

[Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

February 5, 2006, 16:21

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Comment by lindsey: User icon

Actually all the video stuff the lead singer, Jonas, creates. They have been using it for years. I get to see them live for the first time this MOnday in Atlant. Thank you for you review :)


October 25, 2006, 20:40

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

They make their own clips dumbass!

March 13, 2008, 10:12

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