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Usually I am a big fan of listening to music purely, that is without additional modifications by extra equalisation. I quite like that ‘neutral’ sound which many people consider to be a bit ‘too flat’ these days. But when listening to the new Mogwai CD I thought that a bit of extra kick in the form of additional bass migh be in order – as even turning the volume up to the far-from-quiet setting of 60 (out of a possibly 100) wasn’t quite powerful enough to even come close to the raw power of seeing them play live.

So I pressed the little button, chuckled because I enjoyed it and noted that the stereo just displays ‘b 2’ for the setting of increased bass by 2 levels. I also keep thinking that the stereo looks quite good in its surroundings – with the little drawing that I put up just behind it within the shelf an with the lamp still giving some light to it from above. Then I wanted to take a photo and on closer inspection I noticed that the stereo’s display reflects the things in the room quite nicely giving you a view of my Salyut 6 cyclogram poster and several of my self-made photo prints. I was thrilled.

Photo of the stereo with increased bass setting with reflections in the display.

Also look at a follow-up photo from the same series of shots or an annotated version of this photo on Flickr.

March 18, 2006, 2:37

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