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Hurricane, More Photos

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Just some more photos from last weekend’s festival. Unfortunately I had to fight my little digital camera quite a lot and many photos ended up being severely blurred. In particular the camera really likes suggesting and using long exposure times, rather than going for a bit of underexposure.

I found that in some situations it makes sense to turn on the flash even when you’re far away and it won’t actually light what you’re taking the photo of. But having the flash on fools the camera into thinking there is more light and go for a shorter exposure time. That way you look like an idiot for using the flash where it doesn’t make sense just to ‘work around’ the camera’s cleverness. Oh well.

Unfortunately I also resisted making photos of all those crazy sunglasses people wear. It would have been a great collection. But just as I wouldn’t like people taking photos of me, I thought that taking photos of people I don’t know just isn’t the right thing to do. Still a shame…

Also have a look at my Hurricane photos on flickr which are a slightly different and larger selection. Or, even better, look at the Hurricane 2006 group I made there for everybody to put their photos in because the festival’s name makes it hard to locate the related photos only in flickr’s tagging mess. If you have some more photos, be sure to join and add them!

The camping ground at night:

The camp ground at night

… with the mysterious light they gave us:

The camp ground at night

Team South Africa, close to our tents:

South African flag on the camp ground

A bin full of onion peels next to the burger stall:

Onion peels in an oil barrel

And some views from the ground… with some cool blurry softness to them:

Looking up from the grass on the ground

Looking up from the grass on the ground

Looking up from the grass on the ground

Wir Sind Helden’s Judith on screen while some guy was preparing the lowering of that screen:

Big screen with Judith on it and a guy standing on top

The half empty parking lot shortly before I reached the car and the rain started pouring:

meadow with cars on it under a dark grey sky

See tomorrow’s post for some bad films.

June 28, 2006, 0:02

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