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Hurricane Sunday

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This is about the last day of the Hurricane festival 2006 in Scheeßel. See also: Hurricane Friday, Saturday, the storm after and more photos as well as films – or even Hurricane 2004.

After the exciting Saturday, the festival’s final day was to be more relaxing. It wasn’t all that relaxing though as the day naturally included packing up the tent and everything else, running around to get stuff back into the car, cleaning up and starting to be a bit weary of being all dirty and sandy and with a generous lack of sleep. That said, after all the chores were done, we were in for a relaxing festival day with a few gigs and generous hanging around.

Pale (12:50, Germany)

I accidentally ran into this gig while walking by. Pale are on the Grand Hotel van Cleef label, which has a cool name and generally seems to be considered a cool German record label. Unfortunately I tend to find the label’s bands (like Tomte or Kettcar) to be a bit on the boring side, and Pale didn’t seem to be out of place in that scheme…

Pale playing at Hurricane 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves (13:30, USA)

I went to see Pretty Girls Make Graves first on the ‘third’ stage which was in a tent. While it was hot already at the time, luckily the tent wasn’t as hot as I feared it would be on the inside. The band was really good live. From the songs I heard off records, I had the impression they were a bit slow and boring, but not so live!

 Singer, Drummer and Bassist of Pretty Girls Make Graves playing at Hurricane 2006

In fact, I’d say that their singer deserves a rating of around 80% on the female bandleader awsomeness scale (aka the Karen O scale).

Guitarist and Keyboarder of Pretty Girls Make Graves playing at Hurricane 2006

dEUS (14:00, Belgium)

I haven’t been a big dEUS fan in the past, but I happened to pass their stage while they were playing…

As it was quite hot by then, water way being sprayed on the crowd during the gig. It looked like the refreshment made people more enthusiastic than the music. Not necessarily because the music was bad, but rather because it was so refreshing.

dEUS playing at Hurricane 2006 with water being sprayed on the audience

Two Gallants (16:00, USA)

I saw a Two Gallants album at the record store the other day and thought I’d check them out at the festival. Unfortunately a trip of carrying stuff back to the car took longer than expected and we only saw the last song they played. So I still have no good idea about the band, but I got a really bad photo instead. Hm.

One of the Two Gallats visible playing at Hurricane 2006

The Cardigans (16:30, Sweden)

After some more refreshments and ice cream, The Cardigans started playing. I didn’t even know they still existed. Not really my music but easy to enjoy when sitting in the sun .

The Cardigans playing at Hurricane 2006

While hanging out for a while after this we heard and saw the band ‘Live’ play from a distance. Their gig was eternal and quite lame.

Apocalyptica (19:15, Finland)

When being at Hurricane the first time in 1998 Apocalyptica were playing as well. While it may be a bit freaky to emulate metal music on Celli, it sounds surprisingly good. Still not exactly my type of music but quite entertaining.

Apocalyptica playing at Hurricane 2006

Wir Sind Helden (19:45, Germany)

As the final highlight Wir Sind Helden were playing. And, again, they’re just great and played a great show for us, with a little too much talking perhaps (but who’d complain when Judith does that?).

Wir Sind Helden playing at Hurricane 2006

After Wir Sind Helden, Gnarls Barkley were playing. I thought it’d be nice to see what all that hype is about. But many other people must have thought the same and as the gig was in the comparatively small tent, it was fully packed and there was no way to get in. So I skipped that. And, to close the festival, Muse were booked. I’m not there biggest fan, but there are some pieces I like and I thought I’d stay for that. And then we saw dark clouds coming up, which had me running for the car as I figured that having a pretty much perfect festival without Muse would be better than getting seriously wet. Read more about the drama around this tomorrow…

June 26, 2006, 3:00

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