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… busy day. The big summer school started at our department today. With people arriving, some introductory talks and a barbecue there was enough to keep people busy. The summer school is actually run by the Clay maths institute which is pretty cool. Seeing that both the institute and the majority of the attendants are from a different continent, it’s at the same time extra-cool to have the event here and extra-absurd when thinking about all the ‘unnecessary’ flying that has been done. Let’s hope that the location with its history and all will be worth that extra effort and pollution.

Fun activity for the day was helping people around the university restaurants. With menus there being in German and the vast majority of participants neither speaking German, nor knowing how the place is run this was amusing. For the following days we prepared a rough translation of the menu so people can choose beforehand. Let’s see how that goes…

After the evening barbecue I developed some films again. And it was the second time that I had a film which refused to go into the little spiral initially and took endless fiddling to get right – doing non-trivial and unexpected manipulations in restricted space without being able to see them is hard –  in the process of which it started being quite sticky. I hope this didn’t ruin the negatives too much.

July 18, 2006, 1:25

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