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Killer MacBook

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It has been nice and hot for the past few weeks. So hot actually that it wasn’t really nice at times. Living now includes daily routines of getting a lot of hot air into the flat in the morning, then closing the window and the shades while at uni and only opening them again in the evening to get fresh, slightly cooler air back in – if we’re lucky with a slight wind and airflow. In short: it’s hot. And not only did thousands in town kill themselves by running for five or ten kilometres in a weather where significant physical activity is said to be unhealthy, it also looks like my innocent MacBook is a bit of a killer.

With the window being open all evening until I go to bed, a number of insects find their way into my room. Of course they are attracted by my desk lamp and the MacBook’s screen. When packing the MacBook up this morning I saw this at the left hand side behind the MacBook:

Four dead insects

If you look closely, you’ll see four dead insects and the MacBook’s power cord. The latter isn’t my point here though. Now I wonder whether it’s a coincidence that all those insects died very close to the MacBook’s hottest spot. Does the heat attract dying animals? Or does it kill them? I have no idea but I’ll keep an eye on the machine.

Tonight I did some more DJing for the psychologists. Nothing too exciting and not too late into the night, but still fun. I took the computer with me to give me the security of my iTunes library this time. (And iTunes failed me in an amazing way by not finding the songs in the copy of my music library which I had specifically made and tested on an external hard drive before, so I had to import everything again and couldn’t easily benefit from my ratings and playlists.) I guess that’s not really cool but it’s better than carrying all those CDs around which I might need. I briefly contemplated trying some proper mixing software, but the ones I looked at were so ugly, broken or complicated to use that I decided using the computer for at most every other track will be good enough.

What’s a bit sad is that people just prefer old music too much. To get people dancing I needed to play stuff from the mid-nineties or so. The good stuff, but still old. That was a bit sad, even with a mostly older audience around. Once people were more drunk and had started dancing another guy played… and played stuff I really don’t like. People still danced to that. Bad taste? Sufficient alcohol consumption? Most likely both.

July 20, 2006, 1:52

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