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Haldern Pop Bonus

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Just some bonus remarks on and around the Haldern festival.

On our way there we passed what we saw people euphemistically call Germany’s Industriekulturlandschaft (literally: industrial culture landscape). Loads of cities merging into one another there. Loads of ugly buildings, loads of concrete. When passing Essen, we saw that they had a tram running between both directions of the Autobahn. Not only do I think that having a motorway right in the city is wrong, but having the tram – complete with stops where people are waiting just a few metres from people speeding their cars with 120km/h – seems absurd to me. Not that I couldn’t imagine how people were trilled by that ‘futuristic’ idea back in the 1960s. Just follow the Autobahn with the tram running East to West in the middle, see the tram stops and houses built all along it here:

Autobahn with tram stop next to it

Similarly, I was shocked and thrilled (because it was quick at the moment) that in Duisburg they have the Autobahn run right next to the railway station (at the left on the map):

And then, there was rain

Rainy scene

there was saw dust

Saw dust on the ground

there were nice cigarette boxes

Cigarette boxes on the ground

there were opportunities for silly long exposure photos

Parking lot of the festival at night

there was my mum’s car trying to fly

little red car with all doors open

and there were shoes needing extra water proofing

Shoes with plastic bags in them

August 7, 2006, 1:08

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