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Composed in Motion

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Steffen came up with the Quartz Composer in Sudden Motion plugin for the fun and powerful Quartz Composer framework last autumn. Many things have evolved since, rendering that plugin dysfunctional. In particular, Apple relocated the location for Quartz Composer plugins from the innards of the Quartz Composer framework in the write protected areas of the System folder to a more user friendly place: The folder ‘Patches’ inside the folder ‘Graphics’ inside the ‘Library’ folder at the top of your startup drive. It seems like the plugins will only be recognised in that Library folder and they won’t work when being put into your personal Library folder as you’d expect. But at least its simpler to get the plugin into place.

In addition, MacBook Pros and MacBooks have been released since and Apple didn’t miss the opportunity to name the sudden motion sensor differently on those, so our old plugin didn’t work both because it needed to be Universal and because it wouldn’t have found the MacBooks’ motion sensors. Let’s just say that both these problems are solved now. And after solving them, we decided to just dump our own chaotic code for the purpose and go with the public and more thoroughly tested unimotion library instead.

So, huh, download the patch, follow the installation instructions in the readme, and knock yourself and your computer out…

Enjoy an annotated semi-instructive screenshot of the demo composition at flickr.

September 15, 2006, 0:01

Tagged as earthlingsoft, quartz composer, sudden motion sensor.

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