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Huah!, World/Inferno & The Robocop Kraus Live

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On Saturday there was a big ‘solidarity’ festival in favour of staying rights for foreigners at the bar, café and cinema down the road. Even better, they had a fantastic music lineup to go with it. And we got to enjoy three great bands and a cool party in the course of it.


To begin with Huah! played. They are legends and were pace-setters for the Hamburger Schule musical current, but they dissolved fairly early and are only now becoming popular again. The band, including the singer Knarf Rellöm and Bernadette La Hengst who both had solo careers since, played well and because of their influence, I felt right at home with the music.

As one of their encores they played the wonderful song Die 10 Uhr Show which I only had known as a song by Tocotronic so far… but which turns out to be a Huah! song originally. Will have to write about that one another time. [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

Huah! on stage

The World/Inferno Friendship Society

After a refreshingly short break a band with a rather long name, The World / Inferno Friendship Society – World Inferno for short – came on. Their music style is labelled as cabaret punk which probably sparks the right thoughts: A tendency to solid noisemaking mixed with the finer points of having messages in the songs, with plenty of different instruments – including brass – and a singer with a whitened face and a pinstripe suit. A hint of ska was there as well from time to time – and in total the music was great triggering album buying reflexes in the majority of us and making many consider them the best act of the night.

Perhaps the whole ‘cabaret’ style and the standing around with glasses of red wine doesn’t really suit their music (as well as, say, the Dresden Doll’s) but it surely made a good show which we enjoyed a lot. Towards the end of their show, statements like We like the Robos and we like the Kraus, but… were made and soon after Robocop Kraus whith whom they seemed to have played before came on. [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

World Inferno on stage

Robocop Kraus

This was the fourth time I saw The Robocop Kraus play live. And while I don’t listen to their albums all that frequently their live shows should not be missed.

Robocop Kraus on stage

And not only did they rock the house once more – this time the experience wasn’t quite as wrecking as it was the previous times thanks to the venue having a higher ceiling, a smoking ban and thus air than could actually be breathed (rather than condensed sweat dripping from a ceiling that’s just half metre above your head). And not only did some people of World Inferno come and enjoy the show in the first row as well – one of their saxophonists came on stage and joined the Robocops for a few songs. Great stuff. [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

Robocop Kraus and World/Inferno sax player on stage


And as if all that weren’t enough, there were two parties afterwards with guitar and electro music respectively. So after buying some albums, we went for the guitars which ended up being rather good (anything that covers the ground from Teenage Kicks to The Rapture and from the Pixies to The Thermals can’t be bad, can it?) and all that remained to do was make a late night egg in the basket before falling asleep to a Sunday full of housekeeping chores…

After all these years it’s both surprising and refreshing that you can have a great night out in Göttingen.

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November 12, 2006, 17:36

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