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Mediengruppe Telekommander mit Mit

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Some music came to town tonight to terrifically terminate the terrible weekend. Or so. Anyway, there was a gig just down the road with Mediengruppe Telekommander playing and a band with the un-googlable name Mit (German for ‘with’) supporting them. (Last.fm to the rescue!)

I’m not a big fan of genre labels, but possibly Mit could be classified as Electro-Punk. Three young guys making a lot of noise with a synthesizer, (half) a drum set and a guitar playing singer who looks a bit like he could be the little brother of our flatmate Daniel. There was a fair bit of screaming and high pitched singing, it was almost impossible to understand more of the high lyrics than the occasional eins-zwei-drei-vier and possibly the whole drumming and synthesizer thing was a bit repetitive and unoriginal.

However, the music wasn’t bad at all. And after the first few songs, we got into the mood and actually liked it. Not the stuff I’d listen to at home, but still a nice surprise. While it wasn’t totally packed, there was a fairly good crowd there that enjoyed moving and made it quite hot.

Mit on stage

I don’t mind standing it a packed crowd – at least if people aren’t smelly. And similarly I don’t mind people’s hairstyles. However, I really think that people with dreadlocks or other dirt collecting hairstyles should really develop an awareness that other people might (and most certainly will) consider it gross to have that smelly extensive bunch of hair pushed in their faces.

Then Mediengruppe Telekommander played. They’re a two guys who play guitar and bass while singing and having some drum machine do the rest. Apart from a song or two I never really liked them because they don’t just do electro-stuff but also venture in the hip-hop direction which I despise.

So I was positively surprised at the beginning of the gig. More electronica and singing and no hip-hop stuff. The guys were quite good at dealing with the crowd as well. Unfortunately things changed later on and I wasn’t amused. Doing more hip-hop and wearing shiny silver costumes just puts me off. I also thought that not having a proper drummer was a bit lame. Those super-regular electronic sounds just don’t cut it.

Afterwards I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen for ages and we had a chat about - hum - libraries. Bang Bang Rock’n’Roll!

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November 6, 2006, 2:15

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