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Love is All Live

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After checking the school yard across the street for table tennis tables (they do have some, but the yard may be locked), we went to the Spreepark a bit away for a walk and possibly for taking some photos. They have a defunct amusement park there from GDR times with a number of rides, including a ferris wheel, which looks a bit rotten by now and unfortunately is locked up. We still managed to see a number of things, including a fallen over dinosaur:

Dinosaur behind a fence

After some baking - making some American style cookies (probably the most ordinary thing to do over in the U.S., but somewhat special here) as well as traditional Vanillekipferl – we went for a quick pizza in some tiny takeaway place. They’re selling pizza – reasonably good pizza even – for a mere 2,50. That’s almost insane. And after that I went to see the wonderful Love Is All. As I missed the beginning of a gig in the same club once just for being ten minutes late, I made an effort to be punctual this time around. And sure enough this meant I had to wait for almost an hour before things started. Quite a long time when you have to wait on your own.

Love Is All on stage: Singer, bassist and saxophonist

Despite the band being insanely great and Swedish, the club wasn’t packed. Indeed, at first it looked downright empty. But it filled enough to not feel completely empty in the end. Meaning I could stand right at the front without problems but without it feeling like I was the only one there. The gig was just great, with all the power of their album – and more – making it on stage as well.

Love is All on stage: Guitarist and singer

I really liked how they taped off the ‘R’ on their Roland keyboard so it reads ‘Poland’, btw.[more photos on flickr] [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

December 11, 2006, 10:19

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