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Of course my fanatism in favour of the wonderful Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is alive and kicking and goes far enough to make me pre-order their new album Some Loud Thunder from the U.S. (thanks to the good prices over there and the weak dollar this gives me pretty much the same price as buying locally anyway) which gave me the benefit of getting downloadable MP3s of the album today already – a fortnight before its physical release. So you can bet I had stuff to listen to while being at the doctor’s and beyond.

I still have to make up my mind about the album in total. Some songs like Satan Said Dance which I’ve already heard at their live gigs predictably kick major ass. And others like the album’s title song Some Loud Thunder are great as well (absolutely great if the recording didn’t sound even crappier than usual). On the other hand I might end up with a bit more indifference towards this album as some of the songs towards its end are a bit dull or irritating (Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant, say). And I’m not sure this ‘irritating’ will work out to be of the exciting kind in the long run.

But it has only been a day there will be many more opportunities to prove me wrong…

Some Loud Thunder Cover Art

[Buy CYHSY at Insound], [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

January 18, 2007, 0:48

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Comment by dan: User icon

I picked the album upat insound too - I hadn’t realised that CYHSY were also streaming it for free from their myspace page!

I’ve heard people say that Some Loud Thunder is supposed to sound like that… Claiming that the album is supposed to be listened to on vinyl and the distortion gives it an ‘atiquated’ feel. It annoys the hell out of me though. Apparently Ounsworth doesn’t listen to any contemporary music which might help you understand this. (get a cd player!)

It all reminds me of the guy from the La’s rubbing sand into the master copy of their second album in order to get an ‘antiquated’ dusty feel to the album. What a tit.

January 22, 2007, 13:07

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