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Funny van Dannen Live

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Cover of Funny van Dannen's Uruguay record. He's wearing cowboy booths on it. Tonight I went to see Funny van Dannen. He has been a singer for a long time doing some singer songwriter thing with great and funny lyrics that I really like. I even managed to see him about nine years ago. Which is a fun story in itself as the sold out a few dozen people before my place in the queue but my decision to stick along for a while after they sent everybody who didn’t get in away paid off. Also, I was shocked back then that he wears cowboy boots for real and not just on his album covers.

He was still wearing cowboy boots today but he was reading from his latest book Zurück im Paradies (Back in Paradise) full of fun stories. I really was positively surprised that his stories turned out great as well. With quite a bit of charme and fun being in them. He also read some poems which immediately sounded like they’ll make great songs once a guitar is around.

The reading itself wasn’t the greatest, though. To me he seemed a bit absent minded when he came on stage (dope, alcohol, whatever?). Emptying a bottle of wine during the reading made him a bit more lively, though.

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March 25, 2007, 0:38

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