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Tele & Superpunk Live

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After our high-brow excursion to see the documenta, the plan for Sunday was a trip to Hannover, to see Tele and Superpunk play at the Béi Chéz Heinz festival.

The thing is that Béi Chéz Heinz is a cool club in Hannover but despite my many visits to that town we never ended up going there. So everybody had told me about it but all I could say so far was that I hadn’t made it there yet. And their summer festival this weekend with loads of live bands playing on the grounds of the public swimming pool next door was a perfect opportunity. A relaxed way to end a summer weekend seeing bands play outdoors with some barbecueing and other treats at the location.

Unfortunately we went through the weather of three seasons throughout the afternoon, so it looked like we might just cancel the excursion but in the end things worked out really well and the rain stopped the moment we arrived to see the very end of the festival.


The first band we saw Tele who make nice music listening to which I tend to find a bit boring, though. Luckily it was much less boring when they played live. Definitely the magic of not being carefully mixed tame at work there. Which made this a pleasant gig. I also kept thinking that one of their guitarists looks like a younger and smaller version of my boss…

Tele on stage


The second band to play – after a relaxing break of sitting next to the pool and listening to some guy singing various songs next to it – were Superpunk. Although their long history and the photos on the cover art of Einmal Superpunk, bitte! already hint that the band isn’t exactly young, I was surprised by their age when they came on stage. Or, more charmingly: they sound younger than they look. And they played a cool gig for us. Where ‘us’ also included rather young people. With at least two enthusiastic audience members being of primary school age at most.

Superpunk guitarist and keyboarder

After the gigs we went down into the club. After all, I had to see the real thing and not just enjoy it’s silly, sillily accented name. A nice little club with friendly staff who seemed more like a community running the thing, and with seriously bad air. They still had two guys reading some of their stories as well as some music on after the gigs. And we stayed for the stories which turned out to be rather fun. The stories were more on the humorous than the serious side and thus we could chuckle at references to the locale scene, at selling drugged drinks at techno-parties and at food porn. With the latter relating to the raunchy behaviour of sandwich ingredients on the breakfast table rather than human porn with food of course…

July 23, 2007, 21:55

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