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Haldern Pop 2007 Thursday

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This is about Thursday night of Haldern Pop 2007. Also read about what happened on Friday and Saturday as well as the Sum Up. Or read about previous Haldern Pop festivals.

Haldern Pop Logo The beginning of August is the time to go to the wonderful Haldern Pop festival again. With my flatmates chickening out this year, we were a smaller group this time with Steffen, Dan, Lucy and myself meeting the Dutch team Richard brings along. For the first time ever we made an effort to arrive at the festival on Thursday already as they already had bands playing then.

With me being the only one to come from Göttingen, I caught a ride with some other festival goers in town which was much simpler than going by train. Unfortunately I somehow managed to not pack my sleeping bag among all the other camping things I took along which meant I ended up a sleeping a car because nights were chilly enough to be quite unpleasant and possibly unhealthy.

After having had rain in Haldern last year and massive rain in 2005 we were a bit scared about the weather aspect this year. Particularly so as it had been cold and rainy in the past weeks. And, sure enough, it was raining while we were on our way there. But the rain stopped once we had arrived. And that was that. The only unpleasantness being that the rain had created a good bit of mud on the festival grounds a campsites which made it quite fun to see people drive their cars there with their weels having no traction in the mud.

It was surprising to see how many people arrived on Thursday already. While it wasn’t packed, the campsites were definitely well-filled already. Of the evening’s music we hoped to see a bit of Get Well Soon about whom good things were said but we only managed to listen to them a little from the queue outside the Spiegelzelt, which was already packed when we arrived. Luckily they provided reasonably good sound from inside the tent to those waiting. It took a bit longer until we actually got in. And we saw Tunng, Two Gallants and An Pierlé then.

Tunng (England)

Tunng aren’t the most exciting band I have ever heard, but they certainly played nice songs that were well-suited for the ‘chill-in’ in the Spiegelzelt. I disapproved of the guitarist’s hat.

Tunng playing in the Spiegelzelt

Two Gallants (USA)

Just as before, I can’t really make up my mind about Two Gallants. On the one hand their music seems quite interesting. But I also kept thinking their songs are a bit too long and too slow, despite having very good bits of fairly energetic guitar playing and drumming in it. The low stage was a real bummer here, as it meant we couldn’t see the drummer, i.e. half of the band.

Two Gallants on stage

An Pierlé and White Velvet (B)

We finished the night with An Pierlé and White Velvet. While sympathetic and fun to look at on a mostly smoke filled stage, I found the music a bit boring and never had the impression the ‘band’ really did a lot. Certainly helped sending me to sleep though.

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August 3, 2007, 3:36

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