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Naming Irony

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ASCII Projektor Icon The amusing irony of yesterday’s ASCII Projektor release is on me. And it’s in the name and the icon of the ASCII Projektor application, both of which are incorrect with the new release: The updated ASCII Projektor will happily use non-ASCII characters as well (as the application requires monospaced fonts, far eastern writing systems are downright perfect for this!) and running in the Terminal, as the icon suggests, is nothing but a fun backwards compatibility option now, rather than being a main feature.

Yet I decided to stick with the old name and icon. On the one hand because I’m lazy. On the other hand because I quite dislike fundamental icon changes or even application name changes. I prefer a constant theme to what I see on my screen. Even though the result slightly absurd in this case…

ASCII Projektor Chinese shot

October 23, 2007, 0:05

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