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Haldern Pop 2008 Sum Up

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While this year’s Haldern festival wasn’t the best one music-wise - with two of the headliners being bands I’m not too impressed by and The Flaming Lips not quite living up to the high expectations - it was nonetheless nice. Despite weather forecasts which looked dangerous, we remained dry and non-muddy.

Welcome sign saying 'Kühe Musik Haldern'

We had great neighbours on the campground and generally the campground was surprisingly quiet and civilised. This may just be a consequence of the audience not being the youngest but even the young attendees seemed reasonably well behaved. Seeing that I tend to hate people by default, I consider it a surprisingly good sign that the people I met both a the festival and on the way there were likeable and interesting to get to know.

A cow

It’s also great that they learned from problems they had with rain at the festival in the past and covered the ground up to prevent things like ultra-muddy people or stuck cars from happening. Extra kudos go to the locals who do not seem to be annoyed by thousands of people invading their little village for a weekend but rather seem to think it about their party which many outsiders happen to attend because it’s so great.

Rainbow at Haldern 2008

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August 11, 2008, 3:59

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