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Slanted - Signs, Symbols, Ornaments

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A new issue of Slanted magazine was published recently. Again it feels like a really nice magazine, has cool cover art, some interesting articles and a bunch of articles which amount to poorly written navel-gazing.

from an example image of TheAntiqua Ornaments

Stuff I liked in the magazine were:

from the Gaia ornaments

Some of the other articles are less convincing and some could have done with proof reading. Reviewing Frutiger’s Der Mensch und seine Zeichen seems obvious for a magazine on symbols and is always a good thing to do.

From the magazine's cover

Just as with the previous issue I found the magazine’s pricing somewhat ‘unconventional’ or, to use my own word, creepy. It must be one of the very few magazines that lists a price without VAT on its cover and charges something other than the cover price when sold at amazon.

November 25, 2008, 0:46

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