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It’s well known that the British are culinary laughing stock. And nice British dishes are very rare. And those which are edible are bound to be considered disgusting by many. One of the few dishes I like is a trifle. I’m in no way sure that the recipe I got is in any way original, but it certainly sounds wildly disgusting and gives a surprisingly pleasant and addictive dish in the end.

The ingredients I use are

photo of ingredients used for the trifle

To prepare the dish, first cook the jellies and the custard and let them cool down until they’re at most luke warm. Then use a big bown - glass looks nice and put the bisquit at the bottom, just covering it with the liquid jelly. The brilliant idea being that the jelly soaks the bisquit and solidifies around it. Adding some Sherry at this stage always seems to be a good idea. Throw some of the almond slices on top and hide a few halves of the candied cherries (a.k.a landmines of triflemaking) in there as well before covering it with custard. Then do a second layer, using the other kind of jelly. And top things off with cream that in turn can be decorated with almonds and candied cherries. Let this rest for a few hours so the jelly can solidify properly and then go yum-yum-yum all over it.

Trifle, half of which has been eaten already

January 18, 2009, 17:51

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