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Bernd Begemann Live

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After seeing Knarf Rellöm recently another ‘historical’ musician of the Hamburger Schule played in Göttingen tonight: Bernd Begemann.

He has a huge back-catalogue to draw from and played two bunches of songs just with his electric guitar. I thought the playing and singing was rather good and the lyrics are brilliant as well. But what made the show was that the guy is a bit of an entertainer who seems to enjoy interrupting his singing mid-line and reflecting a bit about his texts, feeling sorry for himself or commenting the state of the world. All this without being forcefully funny - actually he made fun of that as well - and just presenting it as a narrative in little interludes now and then and teaching us that Bionade is bad (I knew that before but the reason ‘with the huge amount of sugar, there’s really no excuse for the poor taste’ sounds somewhat witty at least), that spelt cookies and too little television make children of academics unhappy, expressing his happiness about not being minister of the interior for he’d need to re-educate everybody then and so on…

Bernd Begemann on stage

June 12, 2009, 1:08

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Comment by Stefan: User icon

I’ve seen this guy about a dozen times in the last decade, and every single time was really entertaining, recommendation!

June 12, 2009, 12:29

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