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Night of the Clubs

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We attended Göttingen’s ‘Night of the Clubs’ yesterday. You buy wristband and can visit ten bars/clubs in town with bands playing. All in all it was a bit disappointing. Not only was the schedule perfectly synchronised between the clubs - meaning all of them had no music at the times between the bands and making it quite hard to actually see different gigs. Many of the bands themselves weren’t exactly my cup of tea either.

Strangely, we managed to spot two bands in that evening play versions of the 1980s song Blueprint, one of them being a lady (who, it seems, used to be a member of the original band) playing an acoustic set while the other was some ‘hard’ combo going by the amusing name of Superstarfuckers who seem to focus on the not-so-creative project of playing hard cover versions of 1980s songs in the style of kiddie-punk bands. Actually I’d say they made a good effort for that, but it wasn’t exactly interesting.

Niels Frevert played as well in a by far too huge room with some horribly echoey mixing going on. But there was an elk in the audience. Cool!

An elk in the audience with Niels Frevert on stage

November 15, 2009, 13:19

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