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The Sons Live

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Giving in to some last minute notice, we made our way to the ‘pools’ bar (should one link to information free potentially umaintained websites?) to attend a gig of The Sons from the UK. And a fun gig it was with plenty of people crammed in the club’s living room-style basement. The band played two sets with an ‘interval’ in between and a bunch of cover songs at the end. In between songs they made good use of opportunities to comment on the Glühwein and other hot alcoholic beverages they had and perhaps they considered the audience (I suppose that’s us, then) a bit too unenthusiastic. Which would be a shame.

The gig was a really nice experience, both because of the band and the general un-exciting homely setup with everybody sitting on sofas within a few metres of the band. The music starting at the early time of eight made it a great and non-strenuous weekday night with a friend.

December 2, 2009, 23:59

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