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Japandroids Live

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Shortly after noting that Japandroids were one of the more interesting bands of 2009, I noticed they were playing nearby at Café Glocksee. And thus we were in for a cool gig this weekend.

Japandroids' David at the drums on stage at Café Glocksee in Hannover

While playing in the same minimalistic two-person guitar-and-drums setup of the White Stripes, Japandroids’ music couldn’t be more different. It’s much more noisy and even more so when they played live than it is on the album. Almost a ‘wall of sound’ coming from the numerous amps towards the audience at all times which may make it hard to catch details but is exhilarating and impressive.

Japandroids' Brian playing guitar on stage at Café Glocksee in Hannover

Fun detail: They had a fan on stage which kept blowing the guitarists’ hair. Just like in the movies.


January 24, 2010, 12:58

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