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Berlin Weekend / Das Pop Live

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I spent the weekend in Berlin, having a fun meal and evening with Tom. Visiting – once again – the Martin-Gropius-Bau and enjoying the exhibition with photos by F. C. Gundlach [Wikipedia, Foundation] there: it certainly looks like his style of fashion photography from the 1960s and ’70s seriously influences our impression of the time. Getting round to seeing the Deutsche Kinematek with its nicely designed standard exhibition on the history of German film as well as the current Metropolis exhibition. And, to top off the weekend, we went to see Das Pop in Lido.

Their support band Lawrence Arabia went down rather well with my friends even though they sounded like choir kids from time to time.

Lawrence Arabia on stage on Lido

I think the audience was a bit un-enthusiastic throughout and when Das Pop started playing it also seemed a bit too big for the band to be able to create that specific atmosphere. Yet – battling the technical difficulties of countless defective cables and plugs – they tried and delivered a show that was much more intense and direct than their latest (eponymous, hence almost impossible to find on the web) album led us to suspect/fear. Good stuff.

Das Pop on stage in Lido

Now, if only my crappy camera could have made a non-shaky version of this photo:

Das Pop's singer on stage at Lido. Blurry.

It might have been great, even showing off the singer’s weirdly 1980s style shoes. Perhaps one of the countless people taking photos in the room managed to catch that. While I love photos I found the amount and annoyingness of photo people at this gig astounding. It also seemed that the more ‘professional’ ones (i.e. the ones with the proper cameras) cared mainly about how they pose while standing in front of the stage and taking photos. Weird.

March 1, 2010, 20:06

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