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Another wave of ‘Nintendocore’ arrived in Göttingen tonight from Sweden, FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO. The band has a real drummer giving us the beats and a bunch of keyboards and electronic devices operated by the singer who mostly screamed while running up and down in front of the audience with his back turned to us.

Quite a powerful and energetic gig that was rather short. Possibly due to the short length of their songs. Compared to last summer’s Nintendocoriade I’d range them between Les Trucs and Gtuk. Less interesting than the former and not quite as outlandish as the latter.

And they were selling pretty cool 8cm CDs [MacBook suckers, try to read these!] which turn out to be spray painted. With average song lengths of less than two minutes, even the tiny CD comes with ten titles and room to spare…

March 10, 2010, 23:59

Tagged as fucking werewolf asso, göttingen, juzi, live, music.

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