Throughout our pages you will see an icon bar at the bottom. These icons have the following functions:
Next By using the forward arrow you will get to the page that chronologically follows the current one. By using the forward arrow continuously you will see all the pages in the order as listed on the Overview page.
Previous By using the back arrow you will (surprisingly) get to the page that chronologically precedes the current one --- so by using it continuously you may view all our pages in reverse order! In case you just want to go back to the page you viewed before use the "Back" button of your WWW-Browser instead.
Overview This button featuring a cute house, which unfortunately isn't a Bremer Haus, always takes you back to the Overview page safely.
German Click the German flag and like magic the German translation of the page you are currently viewing will appear.
Mail After having clicked this button, the computer will not download a piece of paper and a pencil to you but if you are using a friedly computer it may offer you to write us an e-mail containing any comments and/or suggestions using your keyboard instead.
ÖG This rather abstract icon is our school's symbol. It elegantly incorporates the Ö and the G featured in our school's name: Ökumenisches Gymnasium. Clicking on it will take you to our school homepage that is supposed to feature more and more information concerning our school as time goes by...
Help Why are you reading this? As you already managed to get to the help page you obviously were able to interpret the question mark correctly.

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