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Skip Checker

Fun with your Mac’s Sudden Motion Sensor

Download (Version 4, 304KB, includes source code)

Requires Portable Mac with Sudden Motion Sensor.

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Thanks to: The unimotion project for making a library for reading the Sudden Motion Sensor on various computers and to Andy Matuschak for Sparkle.

Enjoying Skip Checker? … and have Apple’s Developer Tools on your machine? Then you may enjoy our Quartz Composer in Sudden Motion plug-in as well. It lets you use the current motion of your computer to control your animation in Quartz Composer.

Version History:

v4 (2006-10-27)
Plenty of changes and additions:
v3 (2006-10-14)
A few tweaks giving:
v2 (2006-10-09)
Complete rewrite, extension and renaming to Skip Checker. New features include:
v1 (autumn 2005)
Initial version, named SkipTunes that skipped songs on PowerBooks and iBooks when the computer was slapped