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Triggered by Clemens' writing on compilation tapes and CDs, I remembered that I intended and indeed had announced to put up their tracklistings here. So, to begin with I'll feature the CD I gave to Dan when visiting him in England recently.

CD Cover The CD is called It's not saying a doctor that makes me a doctor – it's the white coat that makes me a doctor. That's quite a long name for a CD. It is related to the CD's cover which features a photo of Dan ingeniously dressed up as Dr. Zoidberg, who in turn contributed the CD's name in some Futurama episode or another.

As for the tracks, I couldn't resist putting in the Futurama slant at the beginning. These are followed by a few electronic tracks because Dan likes that sort of thing. Putting in a whopping fourteen minutes of Alec Empire right at the start may be pushing it a bit too far – no risk, no fun. Then come more pop-ish tracks, including the overwhelmingly brilliant In/Out by Stereo Total and a cool semi-German version of Love Me Till Tuesday by Bowie. Then a bit of alternative stuff and some German songs to end with, having in mind that Dan is probably the most open for strange German bands of my friends in England.

Here come the tracks:

  1. Futurama Theme
  2. New World Order (1 & 2), Alec Empire
  3. Paper Tiger, Spoon
  4. The Love Program, Das Pop
  5. Canabis, Ska P
  6. In/Out, Stereo Total
  7. Lieb Mich Bis Dienstag, David Bowie
  8. Song For Jedi, Dionysos
  9. All I Really Want, Barry Bliss
  10. You Don't Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments With Your Heart, Jeffrey Lewis
  11. In Love, The Datsuns
  12. Seid Ihr Mit Mir, Surrogat
  13. Wahr Ist, Was Wahr Ist, Die Sterne
  14. Michael Ende, Du Hast Mein Leben Zerstört, Tocotronic
  15. Reiselust, Fehlfarben
  16. Ein Jahr (Es Geht voran), Fehlfarben
Typing the list now (ugh, will have to write a little AppleScript to do this automatically using the iTunes playlist, in case I do this again) made me realise that the choice of songs very much depends on both when I made the CD and whom it is for. There are many little reasons that led to this particular choice of songs. In retrospect, I think I should have omitted the last two. They seem a bit out of place to me now.

June 4, 2003, 2:26

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