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Virginia Jetzt!

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Cover of 'Mein Sein' EP I first came across Virginia Jetzt! some time last spring on a music magazine compilation CD featuring their song Fast wie Giganten. It has a particularly good flow to it – something rarely found in songs with German lyrics.

Komm wir gehen hier nicht fort
diese Welt ist der perfekte Ort
immer unentdeckt zu sein, so klein
und unverstanden.

Fast wie Giganten

That song in particular and their music in general is quite friendly and cheerful. Not as 'serious' as the music I usually listen to but light and friendly music to listen to on a bright summer day. I quite enjoyed it and got their EP Mein Sein last year.

There seems to be a trend for bands to release EPs instead of full albums while they're mostly unknown (see The Raveonettes for another example). I think that's a good idea as it gives you a low-risk and low-cost opportunity to see wether you like a band's style or not. As EPs go, Virginia Jetzt!'s EP was rather short and couldn't quite live up to the expectations set by the one song I'd heard before.

Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Jetzt! Still, it wasn't bad at all and I could resist picking up their current LP Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Jetzt! recently. It contains two of the songs also found on the EP and is in the same positive spirit – occasionally a bit too positive and even careless I could say, were I in the mood for it which I am not now. Friendly pop music that I enjoy – a rare thing.

Ein Päckchen Dynamit
auf das Gebiet der Rockmusik
wäre im Zweifelsfall
die allerbeste Wahl
alles fliegt in die Luft
und wir beginnen nochmal

Das Beste für alle

P.S. A funny thing about the LP is that they put a piss-take on the CD copy 'protection' crap on the cover. There's a note saying: Diese Vinyl-Platte is kopiergeschützt. Sie ist ausschließlich dazu bestimmt, in herkömmlichen Heim-Phono-Audiogeräten abgespielt zu werden. Auf einem Standard-Computer mit mindestens Windows ® 95 Betriebssystem is das Abspielen daher unmöglich.

P.P.S. Another funny thing I observed when just getting the images from amazon: For the Mein Sein EP amazon lists The Moldy Peaches as a band people also bought.... As The Moldy Peaches are quite different from Virginia Jetzt! and I ordered my copy of their County Fair/Rainbows single together with the EP, I believe to be seeing my little footprint here.

July 9, 2003, 1:53

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Comment by d.w.: User icon

I’m very happy to see EPs come back. In the 80’s, it was quite common for new bands to release EPs, the idea being that it was easier for an unproven band to get people to take a chance on a less expensive release. The record companies killed this idea at about the same time they were killing the single.

July 9, 2003, 2:53

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