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Triggered by the space constraints caused by my recent CD wins, I had to shift things a bit on my shelf. And I ended up doing something truly revolutionary – for me at least. Something that has been recommended to me by people many times so far. Something that may be a sign for depression: I did some fundamental re-sorting of my CDs which have been sorted strictly alphabetically ever since I started with a single CD – with only classical music and Glenn Gould having extra sections.

Now I introduced a couple of new 'categories' to be able to group things into handy chunks that I can fit into those really handy Kassett cardboard boxes that I love buying at Ikea. Now I have a section that I'd consider my main interest. Probably it could be labelled 'Alternative' – whatever that means. It's scarily small, covering only a third of the shelf – possibly due to the fact that I've mainly been buying vinyl for the past two years.

Then there is a German section, which isn't too large either. Next is the section with electronic and quiet music, ranging from Moby to Faithless to Low to Sigur Rós.

Then there is a 'Pop' section. Not too large, but a few guilty pleasures hiding there. Funny how the word 'Pop' can be used in both a derogative and positive way. I was tempted to make an extra 'female singers' section, as most of those pop CDs I really like end up falling into that category. I didn't do that because then I would have had to move Janis Joplin and Joan Baez out of the 'Old' category where I like to see them right next to Led Zeppelin and the Animals respectively – I couldn't keep myself from insisting from alphabetic ordering within the categories, you see. That would feel wrong, seeing that those CDs really belong together in my musical history. Also, it would have left those few remaining pop CDs dangling.

Another batch of CDs consists of Soundtracks and Compilation CDs by myself and others. Then there's a box with magazine CDs, of course the two boxes for Glenn Gould, cheekily filled up with other piano players (Richter and Horowitz), a box with the remaining classical CDs, a section with the ECM CDs (Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett and the box set I got last christmas and finally a box of 'unloved CDs', mostly cheap classical stuff and a few select others which I should try to sell, I guess.

Let's hope I'll actually find my CDs now.

They had begun – to assassinate the sun.

The Flaming Lips

December 20, 2003, 2:48

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